Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

*Is this program open to everyone? Yes and no. We offer this for couples who are sincerely looking for a photographer. Please don't book a time slot if you already have a photographer or are not getting married.

*Do I HAVE to buy anything? No, each couple receives 5 high resolution images from the shoot regardless of whether or not they buy anything from us. Your images are not watermarked and are perfect for invitations for your wedding!

*What's the catch? This seems too good to be true. There is no catch, we simply feel that you will book us after you have had the opportunity to work with's that simple!

*Can I do a "Test Drive" on another date if I'm not available for the day of the event? Yes, but only on a date for another "Test Drive" event. We cannot provide this service on a one-on-one basis. If you would like to do our standard 2-hour engagement shoot we would need to book you for that separately. If you aren't available on the event date don't worry, we usually schedule one per month.

*Do I have a license to use the images from the shoot, are they high resolution? Yes, you have a license to print, copy, and share the images from the shoot that you receive, and they are high resolution.

*Are the specials available after the event? What if I need time to decide but I'm not ready to make a decision on the day of the event? We will provide a list of specials to each of the couples that are scheduled for the upcoming "Test Drive" event BEFORE the event so they know the prices and the specials that we offer on the day of the event. This is kind of like the specials available to customers the day after Thanksgiving...they are only available during the day of the event. Clients do however have the option to call us and book the specials after they leave as long as they do it on the date of the event.

*Do I get anything EXTRA if I book my wedding at the "Test Drive" event? Yes you do! If you book your wedding on the day of the event you will receive ALL the images from your shoot, ranging anywhere between 30-50 high res images.

*How long does it take and how do I get the images? Each couple receives an email link to view their online gallery within 1 week after the date of the "Test Drive" event. The couples that booked with us will receive a link to download all their images within 2 weeks from the date of the event. Clients who didn't book with us need to tell us the image numbers of their 5 favorite images and they will receive their images within 30 days of the event.

*How long is my shoot? When do I have to arrive? The shoots last for approximately 30 minutes and all couples need to arrive at least 45 minutes before their scheduled shoot time for parking, registration etc. The average couple spends no more than 2 hours at the event.

*Will you still like me if I don't book you guys? We don't get this question a lot because we book so many of the couples that come. But for those that decide to not book we give a sincere hug and thank them for hard feelings at all! The only thing we do ask is that if you have no intention of considering us please do not take the place of someone who is sincerely looking at us for their wedding.